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A category for Immunology is appropriate when articles are related to the immune system, such as techniques and vaccines. The category may require frequent maintenance, but it should still have a few pages and should include subcategories. In this case, the category contains 37 pages, but they may not reflect recent changes. The category for Immunology is under WikiProject Anatomy. Its goal is to improve coverage of Anatomy on Wikipedia informenu.

Antibody molecules are produced by B lymphocytes in response to an antigen spotted on the body. Antibodies are special proteins that attach to specific antigens fullformsadda, and each B cell produces one particular type. Antibodies can recognize and kill specific microbes, such as the common cold virus. They also mark gateways into the body, and they are responsible for the development of allergies. Antibodies are essential in the immune response and play an important role in protecting our bodies from parasites quoteamaze.

The immune system contains a complex network of organs, tissues etvhindu, and cells that work in concert. These cells utilize an elaborate network of communication to coordinate their actions. To fight off pathogens, white blood cells send out chemical messages, known as antibodies. To achieve this, most immune cells need to cooperate with one another. The communication between cells occurs either through direct physical contact or through the use of chemical messengers. And while the immune system is extremely complex, the human body has developed numerous new technologies that can aid the body’s defense dishportal.

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