How to Compare Two Tables in Excel Using the VLOOKUP Function

If you need to compare two tables, you may want to use the Excel vlookup function to find the missing value. This feature returns an array of matching and missing values in two tables, where each column contains the criteria for the lookup. In the following example, we’ll use the VLOOKUP function to compare the values of columns A and B. When the lookup function fails, it will return an empty cell.

In the example, you need to highlight rows that have the same name in the same column as the other one. Then, select both the names in the two tables, and Excel will highlight them both. In this way, you can see which rows have the same name and which ones don’t. Then, type in the value of the other column to identify the matches. Once you have entered the values, Excel will highlight the matching web series review.

To find a match, type in the value of column A and the column B of table B. Then, specify the range of data you want to compare. If both lists contain the same value, enter the number of rows in Column A and the number of participants in Column B. Once you have the list of rows, enter the formula into cell E2 and drag through the table as many times as the number of items in List A.

A common example is a missing column that contains a price. However, the price is not available in column A, but is present in another column. This second column is called “B.B”. The “B” column contains the names of the items and the price, which is what you want to search for. If you’d like to know how to use this function to compare two tables in Excel, you should read the following articles and learn from them.

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