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Digital Marketing Salary in South Africa

If you are considering a career in digital marketing, South Africa is the place to be. There is a huge demand for this field due to the country’s high unemployment rate. However, the country is lacking in people with the right skills ntmy. The demand for people with digital skills is on the rise due to the shift in marketing from traditional forms of marketing to newer methods, such as social media and videos.

The average salary for a digital marketing manager in South Africa is R31 467 gross per month. This is 34% higher than the national average hub4u. Starting salaries are at R13 420, while the highest paying salaries are R59 960. Salary levels vary according to experience. The lowest-paid positions include junior digital marketers and digital marketing coordinators thetrendz. Senior digital marketing managers tend to earn more than R50 000 a month.

The skills that digital marketers need to excel are varied, including content strategy, data and analytics, branding, social media, website design, and e-commerce allfashionbeauty. These skills are in high demand throughout the world, but in Africa, there is a relative dearth of people with them. Digital marketers are expected to take on traditional marketing responsibilities as well, including creating content that engages users and captures leads sportswebdaily.

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